It was Oct. 11, 2016 // Moscow Region

Research At the Edge of Bioinformatics and Reality Mining


From Genome to Smartphone & Revival

The Workshop was taken place at the Ershovo Holiday Center at a Moscow Region on the October 11-th, 2016
as a part of the 18-th International Conference "Data Analytics and Management in Data Intensive Domains" DAMDID/RCDL-2016.
The aim of the Workshop is to highlight the "n-of-one" biomedical science, radically transformed by ability to integrate information on human biology and disease.


Electronic medical files, targeted learning in health care, data analytics for mobile health: reach postgenome medicine via technological process.


Mobile health data, «quantified self» and other sources, applicable to human health. Rising the citizen scientist.


Non-obtrusive personal coaching. Genome as a healthbook for computer-aided human intelligence.

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Keynote Leaders

discuss the fastest growing field of research

  • Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland directs the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs and previously helped create the MIT Media Lab and theMedia Lab Asia in India. He is one of the most-cited scientists in the world, and Forbes recently declared him one of the "7 most powerful data scientists in the world" along with Google founders.

  • Jessica Federer: Body sensor networks (BSN) have emerged as an active field of research to connect and operate sensors within, on or at close proximity to the human body. BSN have unique roles in health applications, particularly to support real-time decision making and therapeutic treatments. “Body Sensor Networks: In the Era of Big Data and Beyond”, IEEE Rev. in Biomed. Engineering, 2015.

  • Mark Craven: The biomedical sciences are being radically transformed by advances in our ability to monitor, record, store and integrate the information ... at scales that range from individual molecules to large population of subjects (Mark Craven & David Page, "Big Data in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges", Big Data, 2015).

Data-Dependent Health

Vital signs, motor fluctuations, balance and falls. Keeping a shoulder against disablement.


Ksenia is coordinating the event.
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